El Salvador Could Be Like That
A Memoir of War, Politics and Journalism by Joe Frazier
Joe Frazier
Raised in Eugene, Oregon, Joe resumed studies in journalism, history, and languages at the University of Oregon after returning from 13 months of tour in Vietnam in the U.S. Marines. He graduated in 1970.

He joined The Associated Press in Portland in 1972 and went to the foreign desk in New York in 1977, then to Mexico City.

Assignment to the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua followed almost immediately in 1979, then the civil war in El Salvador and other instabilities in the region.

In 1982 he was named Central American Correspondent for The Associated Press.

Joe retired from The Associated Press in 2009 and lives now with his wife Carla in Oregon where you might find him planning his next trip to Central America, or doing some travel writing, or reading presidential and linguistic trivia and Oregon history, or on occasion sampling some of Oregon's remarkable pinot noirs.